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  • 3004 Aluminium Circle

3004 Aluminium Circle


Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
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Certificated:  ISO9001,9000, GRS, UL, BSCI
MOQ:  1-5TON
Loading Port:  Ningbo, China

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  • Description of 3004 aluminium circle

    3004 aluminum is a widely used alloy with high strength, good formability, good workability, excellent corrosion resistance, and drawing characteristics. It is non-heat treatable and shares many of the same applications as 3003 aluminum circle.

    Advantage of 3004 aluminium circle

    3004 aluminum is a general purpose alloy with excellent corrosion resistance. Its composition is similar to 3003 aluminum sheet, however, a slight addition of magnesium increases its strength. One disadvantage of this grade is that it cannot be heat treated.

    Chemical composition of 3004 aluminium circle

    Alloy Si Fe Cu Mn Mg Cr Zn Ti Others: Each Others: Total Al: Min.
    3004 0.3 0.7 0.25 1.0-1.5 0.8-1.3 0.1 0.05 0.15 remainder


    End use
    1 series
    H*2 H*4 H*6 H18 H111 H112
    1,Aluminum content :> 99%,excellent formability
    2, High reflectivity
    3, Stable performance for surface anodization
    1. Ordinary cookware: post-process: sanding, sandblasting, extrusion pot lid; aluminum pot;
    2. Lamp accessories: lampshade, etc. for downlights, laminate lights and street lights
    3. Indication signs and building materials: traffic signs, curtain walls, ceilings
    3 series
    1,Excellent formability
    2,High elongation, can be used in deep drawing process
    3, High grain grade, smooth surface and high reflectivity
    1. Advanced cookware: post-process: anodizing, enamel, spraying, deep drawing, etc.; non-stick pan; pressure cooker;
    2. Lamp accessories: lampshade, etc. for downlights, laminate lights and street lights
    3. Indication signs and building materials: traffic signs, curtain walls, ceilings
    5 series
    1. Low material density and low weight of finished product
    2, High tensile strength and elongation, good fatigue strength
    3. Higher grain grade and good surface finish
    1. Advanced cookware: post-process: anodizing, enamel, spraying, deep drawing, etc.; non-stick pan; pressure cooker;
    2. Pressure vessel: pressure cooker, etc.
    8 series
    1, Excellent anodizing effect,
    2, Stable performance and high surface quality.
    Advanced cookware: can make pearl anodized cookware
Ningbo Zhongbang Aluminium Co., Ltd.
Ningbo Zhongbang Aluminium Co., Ltd.

About Zhongbang

Ningbo Zhongbang Aluminium Co., Ltd. is China 3004 Aluminium Circle Suppliers and Custom 3004 Aluminium Circle Company.It committed to providing you with reliable quality and service. We specialize in aluminium processing and manufacturing, specializing in various brands of aluminium circles, aluminium ovals, aluminium sheets, aluminium strips and aluminium coils, serving a wide range of aluminium applications, including kitchenware, new energy vehicle battery cases, industrial, building materials and so on. Our Chinese factory is located in Cixi, Ningbo, 30 kilometres from Ningbo port, with extremely convenient trade and shipping conditions.

Zhongbang has obtained ISO9001:2015 and TS16949 certifications, and has a good performance in independent innovation. Through unremitting efforts, Zhongbang has become more and more outstanding, daring to break through the established standards in the industry and face the competition head-on.

Zhongbang has always focused on the needs of our customers, and we have strict quality control standards and testing methods to achieve our commitment to quality. Zhongbang Aluminium, the representative of quality and efficiency.

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  • What are the advantages of aluminum sheet as fan blades?

    Aluminum Sheet is a flat material made of aluminum alloy, which has the characteristics of light weight, good thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance and plasticity. In daily life, we can also see aluminum sheet. The fans we often use in summer are made of aluminum sheet. The reason why aluminum sheet are used as raw materials is because of some material advantages of aluminum sheet themselves. First of all The density of the aluminum sheet is lower, which results in the fan blades made of it being lighter in weight, which greatly reduces the burden on the support structure of the fan itself and improves the portability and mobility of the fan. More importantly, the aluminum sheet itself has excellent thermal conductivity, which is a particularly important feature in fan blades. The working principle of a fan is to generate air flow through the fan blades to remove heat from the surrounding environment. Because aluminum has good thermal conductivity, it can conduct heat more effectively, allowing the fan blades to participate in the heat dissipation process more efficiently. This helps reduce the fan operating temperature and improves its heat dissipation effect, thus increasing the stability of the entire system. In addition, aluminum sheet also have excellent plasticity and processability during the manufacturing process, which shows that aluminum sheet can be more easily designed into various shapes to meet the needs of different fan blades.

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  • Heat treatment steps for aluminum coils

    The heat treatment of aluminum coils refers to the planned thermal processing of aluminum coils through a series of temperature and time controlled process steps such as heating, insulation and cooling. The heat treatment process of aluminum coils is roughly divided into three parts: annealing, solution treatment and aging treatment. These heat treatment steps will have an impact on the crystal structure, hardness, strength, conductivity and corrosion resistance of aluminum coils. Annealing is the first step in heat treatment and is designed to eliminate stress and crystal defects that may occur during cold working of aluminum coils. After being held at high temperature for a period of time, the crystal structure of the aluminum coil will change, the grains will be redistributed, and some dislocations will be eliminated. This can make the aluminum coil more uniform, the lattice structure more regular, and improve the overall conductivity and plasticity of the aluminum coil. This is followed by solid solution treatment. The purpose of this step is to dissolve the alloying elements in the aluminum matrix at high temperatures to form a uniform solution. This process helps increase the hardness and strength of the aluminum coil. In solid solution treatment, the solubility of alloying elements increases with the increase of temperature, so that the alloying elements in the solid solution reach the maximum concentration. After maintaining a certain temperature for a certain period of time, a strengthening effect is formed through rapid cooling, further improving the hardness and strength of the aluminum coil. Aging treatment refers to keeping the alloy elements in the solid solution formed for a period of time at a relatively low temperature to re-precipitate and form fine precipitates. These precipitates can effectively hinder crystal slip and improve the strength and corrosion resistance of aluminum coils.

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  • How to ensure the stability of aluminum coils in high temperature environments?

    The stability of aluminum coils in high-temperature environments is ensured through a variety of processes and alloy designs. The harsh conditions faced by aluminum coils in high-temperature environments include, inter alia, material softening, oxidation, thermal expansion and interfacial reactions with different substances. First of all, appropriate alloy design is the prerequisite to ensure the high-temperature stability of aluminum coils. Generally, a certain amount of alloying elements, such as copper, magnesium, zinc, etc., are added to aluminum alloys to form strengthening sections and enhance the thermal stability of the material. Such a design can improve the hardness, tensile power and creep resistance of aluminum coils at excessive temperatures. Secondly, the heat treatment system plays a key role in improving the high-temperature stability of aluminum coils. By controlling the heating, protection and cooling strategies, the crystal structure of the aluminum coil can be adjusted, the grain distribution is optimized, and the stability of the crystal lattice and resistance to thermal expansion can be improved. Surface coating is an important means to ensure that aluminum coils resist oxidation in high temperature environments. Some packaging in high-temperature environments, such as automobile engine parts, require the surface of the aluminum coil to withstand high-temperature oxidation corrosion. By using an anti-oxidation coating, the oxidation reaction of the aluminum coil base plate can be correctly avoided and its balance in high-temperature environments can be improved.

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  • Aluminum Circle for kitchen appliances

    NINGBO ZHONGBANG ALUMINIUM supplies a wide range of aluminium circles to satisfy market demands;mill finish circle which is widely used in kitchenware&utensil ware, road sign, and advertising board.Main alloy;1050/1060/3003/5052Aluminium composite circle for cookware; ss430/410+aluminumCoating Aluminium Circle; inner side food-grade water-borne nonsticking paint, outside baking paint, various coating/painting designs and embedded ferritic. Welcome your inquiry.

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  • We firmly believe that with the guidance and guidance of national policies

    Under the care and support of party and government leaders at all levels and people from all walks of life, under the joint efforts of all staff, zhongbang aluminum formally put into production on March 18, 2005. Hereby, on behalf of zhejiang zhongbang aluminum co., LTD., I would like to express our heartfelt thanks to leaders at all levels and people from all walks of life who care about and support the development of zhongbang. Zhejiang zhongbang aluminum co., LTD. Is in the critical period of rapid development, we will continue to improve the enterprise management and technology, and continue to train all kinds of professional talents, so that the enterprise into the international industrial development track as soon as possible. “Committed to excellence, witness the future” is the theme concept advocated by zhongbang aluminum. Based on the scientific concept of development and excellent corporate culture, zhongbang people will strive forward, keep pace with The Times, constantly develop high-quality products, and promote the rapid development of China’s aluminum processing industry. We firmly believe that with the guidance and guidance of national policies, strong support from all sectors of society, and the unremitting efforts of zhongbang employees, we will surely realize the grand blueprint of the company and contribute to the progress and development of human society.

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  • How aluminum discs is made?

    Aluminum discs have many uses in our lives and are widely used. They are widely used in electronics, daily chemicals, electrical appliances, machinery manufacturing, automobiles, and other industries. So how are aluminum discs made? Aluminum rounds are generally cut directly from aluminum coils or aluminum sheets, and then reprocessed. Its processing process is mainly divided into two steps: first, cutting the blank, and then blanking. Let’s talk about the drop in detail. If the material is coil material, you need to add an uncoil in front. The automatic aluminum wafer blanking production line is processed as follows: The aluminum disc uncoiling and blanking production line is a fully automatic and integrated production equipment for aluminum discs. Wide range of applications in the aluminum manufacturing industry, such as: stretched aluminum discs used by cookware manufacturers, stretched aluminum discs used by lighting manufacturers, and aluminum discs, aluminum cans and can seals used in traffic signs All kinds of aluminum discs and aluminum discs required by the first-class series can use integrated production equipment, which can now meet the production needs of a large number of companies for wafer blanks. At the same time, the company’s production efficiency and material application rate have been greatly improved, and the delivery cycle has been shortened.

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  • Advantage of Aluminum discs

    As we all know, aluminum is a kind of metal with relatively rich content, which is widely used in our life. In the market, there are many aluminum discs, so what are the advantages of aluminum discs to be used so widely? At present, with the upgrading of production technology, the production of aluminum discs has been fully automated, from material feeding to stamping and forming is fully automated, and the coils are directly produced into aluminum discs in one step. What are the advantages of the aluminum discs produced by this production process? The advantage of this process is that all mechanical operations in production can be realized, the produced aluminum discs have no scratches, and the dimensional accuracy is also guaranteed. Aluminum discs are widely used in pressure cookers, kitchen utensils, lamps and other enterprises. It is also because aluminum discs have the advantages of a smooth surface, good quality, high elongation, no color difference in anodization, etc., so aluminum discs will be widely used in our lives. application. Zhongbang Aluminum Co., Ltd. is one of the aluminum wafer manufacturers in China, with a total monthly output of 1,500 tons. There are 120 sets of matching abrasive tools. The aluminum discs produced are fully compliant with RoHS and REACH environmental protection standards and have excellent deep drawing and spinning performance.

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  • Application of aluminum discs

    In real life, we can often see places where aluminum DISCS are sold, but many people do not know where aluminum discs are used. In fact, in real life, the use of aluminum discs is very extensive. For example, many of the pot bottoms that we can often use are actually made of aluminum discs. Therefore, when choosing a pot, you must choose a pot bottom made of a thicker aluminum disc. It is understood that the aluminum wafer manufacturer in China is NINGBO ZHONGBANG ALUMINIUM Co., Ltd. If you need a large number of customized aluminum wafers, you can visit this company. The company’s technical room for making aluminum wafers is very advanced. , so the quality of the production is relatively guaranteed. You can completely customize the thickness of the aluminum disc according to your own needs, and NINGBO ZHONGBANG ALUMINIUM Co., Ltd. has relatively advanced technology, so the production efficiency is very high. , If you want to make a large number of orders, you can make them in this company, and you can make a large number of aluminum circles in a short time, and you can also ensure the quality. At the same time, because the cost of things produced with high-tech content is relatively low, the price is relatively cheap!

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  • Mexico launches anti-dumping investigation into China’s aluminum discs

    On August 9, 2019, the Mexican Ministry of Economy issued an announcement to initiate an anti-dumping investigation on aluminum discs originating in China. The Mexican customs tariff number of the product involved is 76169910. The dumping investigation period in this case is from January 1, 2018 to December 31, and the damage investigation period is from January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2018. All interested parties are required to submit the completed answer sheets, comments and relevant evidential materials as required by the investigation authority within 23 working days. The 23 working days for the companies involved in the case and the government of the country involved as listed in Article 23 of the case-filing announcement will be counted from 5 days after the investigation agency sends the questionnaire, and other interested parties will start to count 5 days after the date of the announcement. In both cases, the deadline for submitting materials is 14:00 on the deadline day. If final anti-dumping measures are taken, Mexico can retroactively levy duties on products imported for consumption within 90 days before the date of the interim measures.

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