R&D Team

Based on the complete production capacity of our company, we are more than capable of handling large projects and achieving 0 to 1 production landings. We have a stable aluminium supply chain foundation, abundant reasonable stock, so that your production requirements can be quickly implemented.

  • Hot Rolling Machine

  • Plate Ingot

  • Hardness Test

  • Simulated Stretching Equipment

Featured Products

  • 1050 Aluminum Circle

    1. Place of Origin: Ningbo, China
    2. Alloy: 1050
    3. Temer: HO/H12/H14/H16/H18/H24/H26
    4. Application: For deep drawing cookware/induction circle, and so on
    5. Thickness: 0.7-7.0 mm6. Diameter: 100-650 mmPackaging & Delivery
    1. Wooden Pallet for Exporting
    2. Delivery Time: 15-20 DaysWe are a China Origin Factory of Aluminum circles,sheet and coil. We will use excellent quality and service to meet customer requirements.
    We look forward to having good cooperation with friends all over the world. If you have any questions, pls free feel to contact us.

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Production Equipment

  • Average Heating Furnace

  • Cold Rolling Machine

  • Hard Anodized Test

  • Hot Rolling Machine

  • Melting Furnace

  • Plate Ingot

  • Measuring instrument

  • Measuring instrument

  • Measuring instrument

  • Measuring instrument

  • Measuring instrument

Global Strategic Planning

  • Focusing on "One Center"

    Focusing on "one center", that is, taking profit growth as the center, on the one hand, we will increase large-scale production, actively explore the market, and expand revenue to promote profit growth by virtue of leading product quality and customer resources; on the other hand, we will adhere to the concept of refined operation, and improve profit margins by enhancing production efficiency, effectively reducing costs, automated production and other ways to achieve connotative growth, it enables the company to maintain a long-term competitive advantage in the market competition.

  • Adhere to "Two Basic Principles"

    Adhere to the "two basics", that is, based on technological innovation and quality assurance, build a technological innovation assurance system and a consistent quality assurance system, continue to carry out technological innovation and quality improvement activities, and promote the overall improvement of the company's management level.

  • Implement the "Three Strategies"

    Implement the "three strategies", that is, combine the implementation of sales strategy, talent strategy and management strategy, build a relatively complete all-staff sales system, talent training system and management standard system, and improve the company's overall core competitiveness.

  • Enhance the "Four Abilities"

    Improve the "four major capabilities", that is, to enhance the sustainable development of technological innovation capabilities, standardized enterprise management capabilities, refined manufacturing capabilities and international market development capabilities.