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Ningbo Zhongbang Aluminium Co., Ltd.
Ningbo Zhongbang Aluminium Co., Ltd.

About Zhongbang

Ningbo Zhongbang Aluminium Co., Ltd. is committed to providing you with reliable quality and service. We specialize in aluminium processing and manufacturing, specializing in various brands of aluminium circles, aluminium ovals, aluminium sheets, aluminium strips and aluminium coils, serving a wide range of aluminium applications, including kitchenware, new energy vehicle battery cases, industrial, building materials and so on. Our Chinese factory is located in Cixi, Ningbo, 30 kilometres from Ningbo port, with extremely convenient trade and shipping conditions.

Zhongbang has obtained ISO9001:2015 and TS16949 certifications, and has a good performance in independent innovation. Through unremitting efforts, Zhongbang has become more and more outstanding, daring to break through the established standards in the industry and face the competition head-on.

Zhongbang has always focused on the needs of our customers, and we have strict quality control standards and testing methods to achieve our commitment to quality. Zhongbang Aluminium, the representative of quality and efficiency.

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Brand Culture

  • Our Vision

    Zhongbang has always focused on user needs

  • Our Mission

    Create the value and a better life.

  • Core Value

    Innovation, cooperation, effectiveness, development.

  • Style of Work

    Perseverance and hard work realistic and pragmatic.

Ningbo Zhongbang Aluminium Co., Ltd.

Development History

  • In 2017

    Zhongbang started the hot-rolled aluminum coil project with an annual capacity of 60,000 tons.

  • In 2018

    "China Cookware Aluminum Sheet Center" settled in our company.

  • In 2019

    The aluminum coil project was put into operation, and the annual production capacity of the company reached 100,000 tons.

  • In 2020

    The hot-rolled aluminum coil project with an annual output of 40,000 tons was launched in Vietnam.

  • In 2021

    The sales volume of aluminum sheets exceeded 65000 tons, and the aluminum sheet industry ranked among the top in Asia.

  • In 2021

    Entered the new energy vehicle battery case industry.

  • In 2022

    In order to promote sustainable development, Zhongbang launched "green aluminum products", which have obtained the GRS, UL certification and can be used safely in all products.

  • In 2023

    Our Vietnam base will be operational, offering more convenient trading services to overseas customers.

Production Equipment

  • Average Heating Furnace

    Average Heating Furnace

  • Cold Rolling Machine

    Cold Rolling Machine

  • Hard Anodized Test

    Hard Anodized Test

  • Hot Rolling Machine

    Hot Rolling Machine

  • Melting Furnace

    Melting Furnace

  • Plate Ingot

    Plate Ingot

  • Measuring instrument

  • Measuring instrument

  • Measuring instrument

  • Measuring instrument

  • Measuring instrument